Being “money smart” is a great quality for any female but how do you create powerful money habits? It can help you as a woman acquire more wealth and increase your self-confidence in financial matters. With that said, what exactly does a Money Smart Woman look like? In other words, if you were hunting for this rare breed of successful people, what would she look like?

Here are 6 powerful money habits shared by #moneysmart women:

Push Beyond Their Comfort Levels

People generally want to stay in their comfort zone. However, a valuable lesson to learn right now is that stepping outside this zone is how you will grow as a connoisseur of money. This is what a Money Smart Woman does, regularly. Her expansion is never done. There is always room to grow, and I encourage you to keep pushing yourself as a female to learn more about managing your cash flow, investing, and related subjects.

On a related note, do not let past experiences with money hold you back. Don’t shrink away. Instead, learn from these situations and apply this wisdom to your current and future financial activities to make better choices. Have the courage to push beyond your comfort zone. As Anais Nin says:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”


Recognise They Are Part of a Network

Money Smart Women understand they do not – and cannot – accumulate wealth in a vacuum. Stop touting the mantra that you alone can get things done as it simply is not true. Building wealth comes about by helping others, creating value and playing a productive role within a network. Developing her network is an important habit for any woman to be successful in the area of money.
Remember “your network is part of your net worth”. Nurturing your network is an important wealth creation activity.


Ask Quality Questions

“The quality of your life improves with in direct proportion of the quality of questions you ask”, as per the self-made millionaire Tony Robbins.

This is because you will have a higher train of thought, which helps you be curious, interested, and ready to learn more about money matters. The more you seek out information, which you can get by asking good questions to experts, including financial coaches like myself, the more you learn. If you have been mentally stuck, you are likely going to get free to advance by learning additional ways to solve the existing issue.

And by the way, don’t be afraid to ask “why’. That alone will give you insights into so many things…why you do what you do, why others do what they do. Asking “why” also works as a challenge to your thinking or others thinking which has the wonderful effect of allow you to reframe beliefs that may not serve you.


Follow Their Intuition

Money Smart Women listen and trust their intuition. This is their edge. Intuition is the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason. The unconscious mind is like a sponge – it absorbs all information and lessons that you have come across your entire life and integrates this information into a body of innate knowledge. Don’t fight it, work with it. Trust it. Money Smart Women are in tune with their true feelings and intuition rather than overthinking things. The result is that they walk on a steadier path based on what they instinctively know, based on life experiences and observations.

Trusting your intuition in matters concerning money will help you to make better choices. Your intuition will tell you who to trust, what information to trust, when to act and when to fold. Ingrid Bergman once said:

“You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”


Think Outside The Box

Money Smart Women do not follow “common thinking”. Rather they step away and look at things from various angles. Stepping away from the herd is where they find trends and opportunities. Combining various forms of thinking such as big picture thinking, contrarian thinking, bottom line thinking, etc. is what I call “Money Muse Thinking”, something I explore with my coaching clients. It helps you stay outside the box. It helps you become money smart. Eleanor Roosevelt understood this concept when she said:

“Well-behaved women rarely make history”


See Opportunities Everywhere

Money Smart Women see opportunities everywhere. So they do not easily fall into a victim role when things don’t quite work out. They say to themselves “opportunities are like buses – there is always another one around the corner” and they powerfully move on.


So What Now? My Advice To You

A Money Smart Woman is financially stable and lives life with less money-related worry or stress. She lives a strong, inspired life. Just being a high earner is not enough to make you money smart.

Embrace the habits listed above when it comes to your money and making wise decisions and become #moneysmart and look out for Part 2 of this 3 part series of articles.


Christina Cabrera is a Money Muse with 30 years of experience in her field. She is no ordinary money guide for women. She practices what she preaches and is committed to supporting women create ease by freeing themselves from money worry through her Money Smart Woman Programs.

Well-equipped to aid others, Christina is a Certified Financial Planner® – recently inducted to the hall of fame as a 2017 the AFA Female Excellence in Advice Finalist. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Financial Planning and she is a Master NLP Practitioner, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Skilled in Advanced Subconscious Repatterning, Hypnosis and schooled in EFT.

Christina is unique in the industry. She has combines her impressive technical skills and financial planning strategies with her love of money mindset coaching to create hands on workshops and incredible group experiences empowering women to make educated choices and smart decisions about their money.