Is it finally time to take control of your finances?

This 4 week personal finance course covers everything you should’ve been taught about money at school, but weren’t. Designed especially for Gen Y, by Australia’s most experienced Gen Y financial advisory firm.

Wealth Enhancers is the financial planners that my partner and I chose to work with for our own money stuff. We looked around for a long time and these guys really seemed to understand where were at, what we hoped to achieve and cared about our values as they helped create a financial strategy for us.

Their founder and CEO, Sarah Riegelhuth is someone I met at a conference many years ago and I have had the prevlidge of following her journey through life and entrepreneurship even since. She is a powerhouse of information and passion and she is committed to changing the current state of personal finance crisis for younger Australian’s.

Sarah is a speaker, blogger and the author of Get Rich Slow, and she has appeared on TV and written for many popular publications and personally fuelled by a passion for community, gender equality and living life on one’s own terms.

Her new FREE course will take you from zero to personal finance hero in 4 short weeks!


If you do nothing else for your own personal finances I really encourage you to check this out, follow the steps and you will see what it looks (and feels) to finally be in control of your money!

Sarah promises you can still enjoy your fancy coffee or avo on toast – so you have no excuse not to give it a go!

Elle loves few things as much as coffee and her three kids – but entrepreneurship and empowering women are certainly up there. Working for the past eight years as an online business coach, Elle has helped countless women build more strategy and profitability into their business, allowing them to do the work they love.

Currently working as an Online Business Manager at, CEO and Community Champion at The Artful Business Community and now Editor in Chief here at The Worth Seekers – Elle likes to keep busy.

Her passion for personal finance and women’s financially literacy comes from a place of person struggle as well as experience working with countless clients over the years and watching them face the same issues over and over again when it comes to deal with money.