I want to share with you the story behind The Worth Seekers and how it came to be. I guess you could call this my disclaimer of sorts.


I am not a financial professional, and I want to make that abundantly clear.


I have been working in business management either in the corporate space, or as a business consultant, and within other people’s small, entrepreneurial businesses for over 12 years now. (Wow – that’s a while!)

I studied business management, marketing, and human resource management at university.

I’ve worked as a debtors and creditors clerk, in business administration, business management, payroll, as well as managing my own books, managing my own finances, and helping clients with their pricing and with their money management.

So while finance has always played a part in what I have done in my working life, I have not done any formal studies in financial management, and I am in no way a financial expert.


To be really honest, I don’t even have my own shit together when it comes to my personal finances.


It’s something my partner and I are working on at the moment. We are making better choices then we used to. We are working hard to reduce the debt and build wealth in our life.

We have learnt a lot in the last two years and now at least do feel protected financially should something bad happen in our lives.

We have the right insurances. We have superannuation plans that are now doing the right thing for us, and we are contributing to those on a regular basis. Gold start for us, right?!

But our current financial situation is well … a long way away from what I would imagine as an ideal situation for us. We are in too much debt. We have crappy personal debt.

We have debt but we don’t have a lot of assets to counteract that debt.

Some of the debt is for my partner’s high-speed ski boat, which is a lifestyle choice for us. We are very aware that this isn’t really a good financial decision. But it matters to us so we will make it work.

I have also made also zero income in the last 18months. I fell pregnant around June 2016 and got so sick I had to stop working by September.

I’ve spent the last 10 months raising twins and an 8 year-old – working when I can, which until recently, hasn’t been all that much.

Our financial plan is based on two solid incomes, and for the last 18 months we have only had one. We had made some adjustments to the plan, but every week is tight.

Why am I sharing this with you?


I want you to know that this website is not about preaching to you about how to get it all right.


This website is not coming to you with any affiliation to a certain product, company or even specific financial philosophy.

I don’t want to sell you anything. I don’t want to convince you of a certain path. I don’t want to encourage you to spend all your money with a certain business. I’m not leading you through my content strategy to work with me in any way.

This site is purely a collection of ideas and advice to help women learn more about money and financial security.

My role is to curate the ideas and opinions, information, research, and share it all with you so that you can build your financial literacy, learn more about money in general, understand your relationship with money and just help you to make more informed choices when it comes to your own personal finances.

If you’re in business we will share information to help you manage your business finances. If you’re working for other people, we will help you to make better choices that are going to lead to more income generation for yourself and for your family.


I am not a money expert. I am a money student.


I am curious. I am eager to learn.

I have lots of contacts with people that are eager to help me learn, and I want to share all those learnings with you, so that’s what The Worth Seekers is all about.

It’s just about starting the conversation, being curious together and create a space where it is safe to talk about money. The Worth Seekers hopes to enable you to learn about money in a way that feels fun, and that aligns with your values and our lifestyle, and who you are.

I’m in no way here to preach to you, or to sell a certain idea or a certain way of looking at your money.  I myself have recently made some bad money decisions, I’ll share that blog post shortly. I just want you to be more informed.


I want you to be open to having the conversation, and I want financial literacy to be something that women prioritize in their lives, and in the lives of the women they know.


So, welcome to The Wealth Seekers.


I hope that you’ll stick with me, now that I’ve told you the truth about myself and my financial expertise, or lack thereof.

This is going to be fun and light, as well as educational and hopefully inspiring.

Let’s talk about money, learn about money, and enjoy each other’s company along the way.


Elle loves few things as much as coffee and her three kids – but entrepreneurship and empowering women are certainly up there. Working for the past eight years as an online business coach, Elle has helped countless women build more strategy and profitability into their business, allowing them to do the work they love.

Currently working as an Online Business Manager at ElleRoberts.me, CEO and Community Champion at The Artful Business Community and now Editor in Chief here at The Worth Seekers – Elle likes to keep busy.

Her passion for personal finance and women’s financially literacy comes from a place of person struggle as well as experience working with countless clients over the years and watching them face the same issues over and over again when it comes to deal with money.