Growing up I always remember being encouraged by my family. My parents understood that with encouragement comes confidence, and courage.

No dream too big. No mountain too high or horizon too far away.

It is vital as a young person to be encouraged, to be given the gift of support and hope.

As a mother, I now know, just how important the word encouragement is when it comes to moulding the life of my little ones, but also how important it is for mothers and women alike.

With encouragement comes confidence.

And I believe encouragement is underrated when it comes to the conversation around self-worth and self-care.

Encouragement is the a gift we can give each other, that cost nothing, but can grow priceless dividends in our personal worth.

As we grow older we forget what encouragement means and the important role it plays in our self-esteem.

Encouragement is about giving someone support. Sometimes that support is for others but there are times it can be just for you.

I don’t know how many times I have given myself little pep talks of encouragement, before an event, or a speaking engagement. Some moments call for the voice of your inner-cheerleader.

Your inner cheerleader is the voice of motivation that uplifts you and rallies confidence and hope in who you are.

It is an encouraging reminder, to speak kindly to yourself and appreciate what you have to offer the world.

And while it is wonderful to be our own cheerleader, I believe we need a squad of encouragers who inspire us to be better and support our decisions whether they are good or bad and are there to catch us when we fall.

Because goodness knows we need the gift of encouragement when we are in the process of picking ourselves back up.

As women we are quick to judge and compare.  Of all the women I speak to through The Just Saying Project and events we all have the same comparison gene. I have always compared myself to others, thinking I am less than and it has beaten my self worth on many occasions.

Constant comparison doesn’t allow us to find encouragement, the type of encouragement that enables us to grow and find our purpose.

Time to encourage and forget about comparison.

We live in a society that is living in a moment in time where I believe the encouragement movement is powerful, especially when it comes to womanhood.

We have seen online communities for women, events and thousands of social movements and cultural and political awakenings that have encouraged women to speak their truth, have their stories heard and given individuals and groups the courage to stand up.

That is the beauty of encouragement it also gives the gift of courage.

So how can we do this in our day-to-day lives?

Start with planting the seed of courage in your mind garden, use words that inspire you, uplift you and build your self-worth. You never know what can grow from a positive outlook on life.  Maybe you will take that step to creating a business or taking the first step on a travel adventure. Having courage leads to only wonderful things, it leads to love, contentment and respect.

Next ditch thoughts of comparison. It has been said that comparison is the thief of joy.  And this is so true. When we are busy comparing ourselves, our lives, achievements and hurdles, we don’t have the space to reflect on the things that bring us joy. In fact we become so engorged by comparison, we tend to forget the joy we can bring to others and ourselves.

Finally take some time out to think about what motivates you what ignites your passions? How can you encourage these values and activities in your life?  You only have to choose one thing in your life you would like to improve or maybe add a routine of self-care everyday. As you encourage these small steps for your self worth, over time the gift you receive will make you lighter and open to more acts of encouragement.

Now is the time to encourage yourself, to look at yourself with a sense of worth, care and kindness and to remind yourself what you are working towards.

Because, with encouragement comes confidence.


As former newspaper journalist for 10 years, and now mum to two beautiful children, Fallon is using her writing and creativity through her business The Just Saying Project.

Fallon has always loved writing and blogging, and her blog for many years was called <em>Just Saying</em>. Her blog became her escape where she spent many nights at the keyboard after Archie was born, tapping out her joys and frustrations as a new mum. She realised, if she was having these moments of doubt, isolation, fear and feeling in limbo, maybe other women are too.

And so The Just Saying Project (JSP) was born.

Through the project Fallon creates empowering events and fabulous projects that encourage women to embrace who they are and give them the confidence to say out loud it’s okay to ‘just be me’.  The project is about finding the words to help other women build the confidence to truly love who they are.

JSP is all about collaborating with other women, sharing stories to uplift and embrace.